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        your child struggling in

school? Are you unsure if your child's IEP is being followed? Do you have concerns about your child's behavior in the classroom?


I can help!


Document Review

Allow me to review your child's most recent IEP to determine if it meets your child's needs. I will make recommendations to improve the IEP so your child can make the most progress. 

Educational Analysis
w/ Consulation

I will complete a comprehensive analysis of your child's documents including IEP/BIP, evaluations, data, report cards, etc., to determine the appropriate plan of action. I will then schedule an individual consultation so that we may work together to develop that plan. 

Letter Writing

After review of your child's documents and if needed, I will format and write letters on your behalf that will include the pertinent information and appropriate requests to your child's school and/or district.

Meeting Attendance

I will virtually attend the school meetings with you to guide and support you. I will ensure the school is following protocol and providing you the opportunity to be an integral part of your child's education.(2-4 hours)

State Complaint Assistance

If you are unable to resolve disagreements with the school or have noncompliance concerns, I will assist you with filing an official complaint with the department of education.


When I was growing up, my parents had good friends whose son, Ronnie, would regularly come to our house while his mom ran errands. Ronnie has Downs syndrome. I loved having him around. He was kind and witty (and a little stubborn at times!).  I was fascinated with his learning and would help him read or teach him to write new words.  After we moved from the area, our families continued to stay in touch. I always enjoyed hearing what new tasks Ronnie had learned, the new words he could write, or the job he was working. I never thought Education would be my intended career, but during my senior year in high school, I found myself volunteering in an elementary school where I was placed in a class with a little girl who had Downs syndrome. From that moment on I knew what I should become....I taught Special Education for 14 years before leaving the school system to raise our three children. My career path changed when my youngest, Eden, was diagnosed with ADHD. After struggling with the process of obtaining a 504 Plan for her and seeing the amazing progress she has made, I thought, "What do other parents who aren't familiar with special education needs, plans, or terms do? Their children shouldn't be denied the ability to succeed." And I knew once again what I should become.....Ronnie, Eden, and my former students taught me that they have the ability to reach their full potentials. I want to help your child reach theirs!


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